Posted on July 27, 2010


Hi! For those of you who may be returning from before, or who may plan on returning in the future, I just want to warn you that there’s a chance I’ll be messing around with the layout of this bloggy thing for a while until I find something I like. Kind of like trying on outfits before a big event. Although there’s really no big event to speak of because this is just a blog and I doubt my ramblings will ever reach more than a few dedicated readers. But just in case I ever become famous one day, I want to be sure I look really good when I do. Or maybe I need to look good before I become famous? I’m not sure how that works. Anyway, bear with me. This phase will pass once I get bored with changing templates. At which point I may just decide I need to learn programing language so I can design my own style sheets. But that is a far flung chance because me and computers aren’t known to get along, like, AT ALL.

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