10 Reasons Chinchillas are Better than Computers

Posted on August 10, 2010


10 Reasons why chinchillas are better than computers (illustrated): 

1. Chinchillas are soft and furry.

two baby chins

Look how cute we are!

Me, trying to cuddle a computer

Computers are not soft and cuddly.

2. Chinchillas won’t lie to you.

picture of very cute chinchilla

I'm too cute to lie. (Photo © GK Hart/Vikki Hart / Getty Images)

Computer saying "I totally saved that file for you!"

Computers. They LIE!

3. Chinchillas don’t need to be literate. 

a baby chinchilla

I'm a baby fuzzy pants! I don't need to read or write.

Computer saying "Error 36: File cannot be read or written."

Computers should know how to read and write.

4. When a chinchilla dies, it’s really dead and not just teasing.

Dead chinchilla

= Really Dead.

A dead computer, then computer saying "Just Kidding! I was too hot!"

This happens so often it's not even funny.

5. Chinchillas make great coats.

old-time photo of woman in fur coat

Me, trying to wear a computer.

Computers make bad clothing.

6. You can eat a chinchilla (if you really had to).

chinchilla on a spit grill

computer on a spit grill

7. Chinchillas are much more affordable.

picture of chinchilla = $100. picture of computer = $1,000

8. Not everyone in the coffee shop will have a chinchilla.

angry people with computers, me with chinchilla

I win!

9. Chinchillas will eat out of your hands.

chinchilla eating out of my hand.

You are so cute when you eat the corm!

computer, not eating out of my hand.

You suck at eating corm.

10. You can’t ever really be mad at a chinchilla. 

angry computer next to cute chinchilla

Not a hard decision. (Unless you're a native German speaker. In which case, the second panel will make zero sense)

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