Tips on Camping Safety

Posted on August 11, 2010


This past weekend was splendiferous. After work on Friday I drove up to the mountains for some camping with the ol’ parental units. Here’s a picture of where we were camping. This is pretty much what you saw from our campsite, (and why I’ll never leave Idaho) :

Beautiful Stanley Lake Idaho

And while that’s really nice and all, it’s not actually the point of this post. The point of this particular post is to give you guys an important safety tip about camping.

Saturday morning I woke up to the sounds of birds tweeting and children laughing and the smell of warm pine. It was delicious. I was so happy, and peaceful and content. Then I rolled over inside my little 1.5-man tent and opened my eyes and saw this. I’m not sure how I’ve missed noticing this in the 3 years since I bought this particular tent, but I found it both amuzing and frightening:

Warning Label from my tent

"Keep all flame and heat sources away from this product fabric."

Because my cell phone doubles as a flashlight, I had it next to my sleeping bag, and snapped this picture.

Anyway, I don’t think it will be too big a problem. It’s not like camping tents are ever really in the vicinity of open flames or anything. And it’s not like anyone would be sleeping INSIDE this melting death trap anywhere in the vicinity of open flames. I know I mostly just use my tent for fun overnight excursions to the back yard. So I’m OK right? Right?

picture of a camp fire

No problem.

Alrighty. Well, I should probably get some work done now.

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