The Cure is Worse than the Disease…

Posted on August 17, 2010


I know I’m not the first to discuss this particular quirk of our modern society…but I think I might be the first to address it via cute cuddly snowball people. Have you ever been sitting, watching TV, and one of those glossy happy-people drug commercials comes on? Do you find yourself strangely attracted and repulsed at the same time? Here’s what I’ve noticed about these particular commercials:

 1. You’re never really sure what the drug is or what it does.

Plosophlobymax? Will that help with my toe fungus?

2. You’re pretty sure that the people in the commercial have better lives than you despite having some terrible disorder.

Sure…she’s got arterial pullemic brontosourial disease…but look at the cool artist’s loft she lives in, and the cool hobbies she does!

3. You’re almost pretty sure that whatever the disease is, it’s probably not as bad as the side effects of the drug in question.

Yeah…my toe fungus is bad…but I think liver failure might be worse.

4. But the people in the commercial look so happy, that you’re not really sure of anything anymore.

Maybe toe fungus is a lot worse than I thought. It’s obviously holding me back from living in an artist’s loft and making a living as a dog photographer!

 I think that drug commercials would be a lot better if they were just honest. Here’re some examples of drug ads I’d like to see:

Viagra...because at some point you'll be willing to risk a heart attack.

Advair...sure you might die of heart arrythmeia in a few years, but you'll die a lot sooner if you can't breath.

Zoloft: You might have thoughts of suicide...but at least now you'll have the energy to go through with it.

Constant constipation is better than constant fatigue

 At least this way, people considering whether to take these drugs would be able to make an informed decision. I’m just sayin….

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