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Posted on August 23, 2010


Here’s what I don’t get about all the hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing that’s going on about personal privacy these days. Don’t get me wrong, the digital age is a little scary and I don’t want to end up living in a totalitarian Big Brother situation…but I think that’s a far cry from what some people are freaking out about. In some ways, technology has really skewed people’s understanding of privacy. Here’s my run-down.

[Also, as a side note…I found myself getting REEEEEAAAALLLY lazy when drawing the illustrations for this one. I need to have a rather stern talk with myself about time management, procrastination, and commitment to quality. OR…I can just accept myself for who I am and tell myself it’s OK to do a post without snowmen next time.] 

Things people have freaked out about, but probably didn’t need to:

1. Facebook.

Oh my god! Someone leaked information about my *PUBLIC* Facebook Profile. Granted, it was public information I had already made widely available to anyone with internet access because I never bothered to change my own privacy settings or think for a second about my own privacy in the first place.

Snowman & Phonebook

2. Google Maps.

Was I the only one out there who realized that the information you find on Google maps is nothing that a person with a regular map and access to a vehicle, bicycle, two legs, a wheel chair, or strapping young fellow to carry them, couldn’t find out for themselves?

Snowman with map.

Sometimes it helps to know what to expect when you go places.

3. Full-body scanners at the airport.

I understand that full body scanners are intrusive, and a bit embarrassing. They even make me squirm a little…but a threat to personal privacy? Besides the obvious bits, and hidden weapons, what do you think airport security people are going to see in this image that they won’t see when you’re fully clothed? Your huge pot belly? Your six inches of cleavage? Your love handles? Considering some of the things I see people wearing at the airport these days, the scanner image is probably LESS embarrassing than what you look like fully clothed. We’ve all got the same parts people, and yours aren’t that special. Get over yourself already.

Snowman in slutty outfit.

Things people should freak out about, but seem not to.

1. Blogging*

*If you don’t understand the sarcasm/irony of what I’m saying here, please DON’T comment. OK? Unless it’s to explain the proper use of the word “irony” to me. Because I’m still fuzzy on that one. And I really love when people point out my mistakes.

Snowman blogger 

2. Computer Security Alerts

Snowman, security alert on computer screen.

7. Shopping

Snowman shopping online

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