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The time I got trapped on a flaming school-bus headed straight for hell

September 28, 2010


I was, for lack of a better term, a failure at childhood. Some of my friends joke that I was “born 40,” while others accuse me of being ill-equipped to have fun. For the first half of my life, this was probably true. Then, sometime in my mid twenties I finally learned to embrace the […]

Why you shouldn’t have a fight on the phone with your husband in the bathroom at work.

September 21, 2010


This is a true story. It happened but an hour ago. If you’re easily grossed out or don’t like people talking about bodily functions, or overhearing spouses fighting on the phone, I recomend you go read something else. ANYWAY. So, I got to work at my usual time, 7am, this morning. After filling up my […]

What a hotel can tell you about your life.

September 20, 2010


I was recently out of town on a business trip, and while staying two nights in a well-appointed hotel, I came to realize a few things about my life, and life in general.  1. I need an iron. The hotel has a built-in iron, with ironing board…in the closet. And as I was running said […]

That’s [sic]

September 14, 2010


Hey everyone, since I have a hard enough time keeping up with ONE blog, I figured I should probably start another one. Although I’m hoping this new one will be more of a place for user-generated content than me-generated content. And I promise, I’ll keep up with Girl Normal too (well, as much as I […]

Why People *Really* Hate the Weatherman

September 14, 2010


People hate the weatherman, but not because he’s wrong about the weather. Here’s the real reason: “How the weatherman makes you his bitch in 10 easy steps” 1. You’re watching some cheesy sitcom, reality show, or very serious legal drama. During the commercial break, the weatherman interrupts with some intriguing weather-related information 2. So, you […]

The Cable Company Is Stalking Me.

September 7, 2010


I think the person who lived in my house before me was in a co-dependent relationship with the cable company, Cable One. And when she moved out…the cable company decided I would be a suitable replacement for that relationship. However, when I moved in I was in no position, nor had the desire, to spend […]